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Leave your safety to us. Let us customize your workplace Safety Training.

  • Contractors, Refineries & Industrial facilities
  • School Districts
  • Hospitals & Government facilities

SELACT Safety/OSHA Compliance Review and Customer Option Program

Our programs are designed to all the clients to be in control of their safety issues and offers flexibility to meet their daily requirements. In today's busy work-place, owners wear multiple hats and can not afford to neglect other vital business concerns. Successful Safety programs are not created overnight, it takes time and effort. Below is a brief description of our program:

  1. Customers establish their priorities and determines the needs from us about on-site compliance reviews.
  2. SELACT begins the program with an actual OSHA style on-site review to include property, equipment and personnel. Our Compliance Review will:
    • Identify OSHA violations or physical safety deficiencies
    • Review on-site written Safety Plans for OSHA compliance.
    • Interview employees for safety awareness and knowledge
    • Observe employees for safety compliance (video available on request)
    • Prepare a written report identifying potential violations with recommendations for correction.
    • Identify the severity of all violations for our clients. Clients will determine the priority list.
  3. SELACT will develop any safety program that is required by our clients.