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Michael J. Sullivan
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Resolve difficult personnel issues before they escalate into costly legal battles.

Safety and employment law issues will continue to occupy an increasing amount of management's time on a daily basis. These issues will generate administrative complaints or costly lawsuits. Keeping abreast of current developments has never been more challenging task for management from the pre-employment to termination. SELACT can be an extension of your personnel staff or be your management and human resource specialist on complex issues.

On-site Compliance Reviews:

SELACT conducts on-site independent and impartial investigations to identify and resolve any management concerns about employee issues, i.e. hiring techniques, interviews, performance appraisals, low morale, high turnover, disciplinary issues, safety issues, work-place environment, employment hand-book, discrimination, sexual harassment... and our work is guaranteed since you pay after the work is completed.

Employment Hand-books:

SELACT will review or prepare your employment hand-book to fit your needs. It should give meaning and purpose to the company purpose.